Setup and configuration
Large Room Solution
Updated with the new Google Meet Compute System, the ASUS Google Meet hardware kit for large rooms is designed for meeting rooms of up to 20 people. The simple color-coded wires mean setup takes just minutes.
What's in the box

ASUS - Google Meet Compute System
  • 4GB Memory
  • Standing mount, wall mounting plate and screws, power cable 
and AC power adapter
  • 360° sound input/output up to 20ft, active echo cancellation 
and background noise management
  • Speakermic cable (Type-A to Micro USB cable)
  • Crisp HD 1080p video, 10X optical zoom, and mechanical pan-tilt-zoom
  • Camera cable (Type-A to Micro USB Type-C)
Controller (touchscreen)
  • 10.1”, 1280x800 touch display with HDMI for full HD presenting from computer
  • Power adapter and plug heads, HDMI cable (green), USP power cable (red) 
and USB data cable (blue)