Setup and configuration
Series One
Large Room Solution
Engineered exclusively for Google Meet by Lenovo, the Series One large room kit is designed for immersive and effortless installation. Peripherals connect using Power over Ethernet for streamlined setup that’s quick and easy.
What's in the box

Touch Controller
  • 10.1-inch anti-smudge touchscreen
  • Ethernet cable for PoE, wall mount and hardware
Series One Meet Compute System
  • 4GB Memory, 128GB SSD, Intel® Core i7TM Processor
  • HDMI cable, Ethernet cable, power cable and adapter, stand mount, 
wall mount and hardware
Smart Camera XL
  • 20.30 MP 1-inch CMOS sensor and wide angle glass optics 
(90-95° horizontal field of view)
  • Ethernet cable for PoE, mounting brackets and hardware
Smart Audio Bar and add-on Audio Bar
  • 8 element, linear beamforming mic-array, 2.5-inch woofer, 1-inch tweeter, 
onboard Google Edge TPU (on Smart Audio Bar only)
  • Ethernet cable for PoE (x2), wall mount (x2) and hardware
  • Capable of TrueVoice® multi-channel noise cancellation
Mic Pod
  • 8 element, circular beamforming mic-array
  • Ethernet cable for PoE (x2), mounting bracket (x2) and hardware